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Work And Play

A Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams Community

Work And Play- Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams
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1. You should probably love Ryan/Rachel, because this is a community for... Ryan and Rachel.
2. No bashing of other posters, ideas, etc. No bashing of Ryan or Rachel. No bashing period.
3. Everything posted must pertain to Ryan or Rachel.
4. *~nO tYpInG lIkE tHiS~*. It's hard and tedious for fellow posters to read.
5. Feel free to add this community for updates!
6. We love to get arts, graphics, banners, and icons of Ryan and Rachel. However, if the icon post is larger than 3 icons, or if the graphic is big (ex: a wallpaper), than please use an LJ cut.
7. You are allowed to advertise your community; however, it MUST relate to Ryan or Rachel. Icon communities are fine as long as you frequently post Ryan or Rachel avis.
8. And most importantly, have fun!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact dearlydevoted or miss_elle23.

We will add moderators as we feel nessecary. Please do not ask us.

Thank you for visiting Work And Play!

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